Digital Clarity

Digital Transformation Assessment

Plan and understand your journey

Organisations often find it challenging to analyse and understand their digital maturity across their enterprise and where to invest, with so many technologies and processes in place. Would you like a clear assessment framework to show you where you are on your digital journey and where you need to invest to accelerate for the future?

Typical IT maturity assessments are not fit for purpose, they judge processes on stakeholder perception and provide cookie cutter approaches to improve them. These recommendations can often compound the issues as organisations are still building on poor process.

  • Digital transformation framework
  • Roadmap for short, medium & long term goals
  • Process-centric, evidence based
  • Enterprise service management
  • Fully tailored to your organisation – no cookie cutter approaches
  • See the value streams across the business, not just IT for IT


Our assessments focus on the areas we believe form the foundations to a successful digital transformation. No matter what stage of the journey you are at we can help highlight which areas need focus and investment. By leveraging analytical techniques such as process discovery and process mining, we ensure we provide an evidence based road map for improvement.

Our team of experts can help you truly transform and aid your transition to an Enterprise Service Management model, harnessing collaboration, removing silo’s and significantly expediting time to market. We enable you to understand the value of innovations, develop and grow a process-centric culture that is supported by technology.